You are a woman that yearns for a healthy Mind, Body, and Soul.

You want a life filled with courage, wholeheartedness and creativity. 

You love Brené Brown - you’ve even watched her Ted talks over and over.

You really need some “Me-Time” because you have big stuff to do in 2018!

It’s time to meet your dreams with self-compassion and self care.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to explore your hopes and dreams in the beauty and warmth of Mexico in January? To come home with a strategy to get you what you want and live the life you deserve in 2018? To work with your own private coach?

Wouldn’t it be extra delightful to have a tribe that practices yoga - even if you’ve never “done” yoga? -  on a  private patio to Restore and Release - a bit of R & R - each day? 

What if you could be served beautiful and healthy food prepared by our private chef and served to you by your butler? To swim in a private pool and stay in a private Villa overlooking the sea? 

There is such a place reserved for eight brave, curious, and wholehearted women. You could be one of them!

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

You are invited to the
JANUARY 15 - 19, 2018

Taking a time-out and a hard look at your life doesn’t have to be painful. 

Here’s what we aren’t going to do:

  • We aren’t going to have an inflexible agenda...some days we are going to want to take our time, take a nap, or enjoy our poolside lounge chairs and stare at the sea.
  • We aren’t going to go out on the town...why would we with all the people waiting on us? Did I mention daily maid service? A butler to serve us drinks poolside? A chef!
  • We aren’t going to be too serious to have fun...that’s a no-brainer with a pool, a hot tub, margaritas, and some fabulous creative and compassionate women to share it with.

Sounds perfect, right? That’s because:

You have been searching for your tribe -
Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Creative Problem Solvers
And Financial Freedom Seekers - 
that want to laugh, learn, and play...

You are determined to make 2018 count but, you still find yourself...

  • stuck and unfulfilled, critical of yourself and your stifled ambition
  • overwhelmed by life and work that you procrastinate taking care of yourself
  • dreaming of a change but never having the time to come up with a plan
  • confused because things aren’t bad, but you know life could be better

I worked with Kathy at a time when I was emotionally stuck, unfulfilled and quite vulnerable. Kathy was an absolute inspiration and our time together helped shape me into who I am today. She operates from a place of absolute integrity and love. She compassionately helped me to find powerful and sustainable pathways toward peace and fulfillment and supported me each step of the way. I would be honored to work with Kathy again. She is a gift.
— Juli K, CPC, RYT


I support women like you that question and explore your world in order to create a magical life.


Hello! I’m Kathy Larson, a life coach and yoga teacher with initials after my name. I work with courageous and creative women – freelancers, entrepreneurs, and financial-freedom seekers – helping them  to align who they are with who they want to be by finding the joy, the courage, and the self-compassion it takes to make a difference in the world. 

My goal is to help you live big and build sustainable prosperity for yourself, your business, and your community. I will support your every step as you question and explore your world in order to create the magical life you deserve.

My intention? To change the world one mind, body, and soul at a time with love and self-care. Let’s do this in Cabo next year!


This just isn’t like any other retreat out there.

You will have a chef, a butler, a maid, and a personal coach taking care of you. 
You will explore the work of Brene Brown and complete the Daring Way course.
You will learn about self-compassion and what it means for your happiness.
You will fly home with new friends in your cheering section.
You will have the determination - with a plan - to get what you want in 2018 because



I know you would love to join us but maybe you can’t jump on board because you have some concerns. That’s perfectly normal and any woman with unanswered questions could hold back, too. So, here’s a list of some that I have heard before:

⇨ I won’t know anyone there. What if I can’t relate to them?
      ▰ That’s why there is an application process. I want to make sure you get to meet women of like mind with experiences and desires you can connect with.
⇨ I want to bring a friend.
      That’s great! You can even room together.    
⇨ I don’t like to travel to other countries:
      ▰ Cabo is one of the easiest countries to enter and exit. There are lots of tourists that travel there so they have to be.                   There will be a car waiting for you with a driver that will take you right to the Villa.
⇨ I have a special diet.
      ▰ Great! Our private Chef would love to take care of you.
⇨ I haven’t ever done yoga.
      ▰ Then this is a time for you to learn, dear one... Your private instructor- me- will take care of you.
⇨ I can’t afford it.
      ▰ Be careful what you tell yourself. You will start to believe it. Why not say, "I am worthy!" instead?

And, of course, you want to know what we are actually going to do, right?

I have a great unscheduled planned because we are going to determine our real schedule together. (Want us to wake up at 5:00 AM? That’s probably not going to happen but we can discuss it, if you dare...) Start times and wrap up times will vary...because that’s how we roll. Here’s what is going to happen:

Travel Monday

  • Monday afternoon you travel in a private car from the airport to the Villa.
  • Arrive and drop your jaw when you see it.
  • Get settled in your room and drop your jaw when you see it.
  • Meet our Butler and Chef with a Margarita Welcome (It’s Mexico, after all.)
  • We’ll talk about YOU, have dinner, and talk about YOU some more and then 
  • Take a swim or dip in the hot tub, do a little yoga, and sleep like pampered princesses.

Wowza Wednesday

  • Morning meditation
  • Breakfast
  • Let’s walk to the Beach 
  • Do some stuff.
  • Lunch
  • Nap
  • More….
  • You guess what’s next...
  • Dinner
  • Sweet Dreams and Possibilities Gathering

Magic Tuesday

  • Sleep in or join me for yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Introduction to the Daring Way. 
  • We’ll do some stuff.
  • Lunch
  • Nap
  • We’ll do some more stuff.
  • Pool and Margaritas
  • Dinner
  • Story Telling and Sleep....

Let's Talk Thursday

  • Cup of Yoga and Breakfast
  • Personal Life Coaching  - and - 
  • Massages! Margaritas!
  • Dinner and ?

Front Page Friday

  • Cup of Yoga and Breakfast
  • Send-off Surprise!
  • Car to the airport

Eight reasons why this EXPERIENCE is not for you:

  1. You already have a tribe that listens, supports you, and loves you. 
    Good for you but you can never have too many groupies, right? 
  2. You aren’t into woo-woo. 
    That’s good because every practice and lesson is backed by the research of Brene Brown, Kristen Neff, and other experts.
  3. You don’t swim.
    That’s not really a reason is it? There are lounge chairs and hammocks so you can watch other people swim...or take a nap.
  4. You are an introvert.
    Guess what? I am, too! We get overwhelmed easily. I promise not to pack our agenda so much that we miss our downtime in our beautiful bedroom suites.
  5. You are not creative.
    Oh, but you are! Whether a freelancer, entrepreneur, or an I-just-want-success woman, you are very creative and resourceful. Really, you are and I will prove it!
  6. You don’t like working in small groups.
    Oops! This really isn’t for you. This is a girlfriends retreat created for only EIGHT WOMEN. That’s how I can offer all the great perks...There may even be a masseuse...who knows? (I do…)
  7. You believe there should be a set schedule every day.
    Of course, I know what we need to accomplish and what I promised...but...I believe your body knows what’s best and we should listen to it. Let’s decide together when we want to eat, sleep, play and learn. It could be fun for you.
  8. You never pamper myself. You don’t even know how.
    Well, girlfriend, it’s time you learned. Check out where the MAGIC HAPPENS and then tell yourself you don’t want to...

Casa Antigua
Cabo San Lucas, Baja California

Our 5,000-square-foot villa is tucked away in a wonderful hillside setting in the prestigious and safe Pedregal neighborhood, Cabo’s most upscale address. This villa has all we need for our Compasivo Wellness Experience, including a gourmet kitchen for our chef, an inviting living area opening to the terrace where we will “work”, a private ocean-view pool terrace, a jacuzzi, a palapa-shaded patio, not to mention, gorgeous bedroom suites!

Our times spent with Kathy always get us out of the ‘box’. She make us dig deep and explore avenues that are challenging. They are always unforgettable experiences with wonderful memories.
— Lindsay, Office Manager, Austin, TX

What it’s going to take for you to get there:

  1. Complete your application so I can see if this is right for you. 
  2. Wait for my email.
  3. Get your plane ticket to Cabo San Lucas to arrive by 4:00.
  4. Find your passport.
  5. Select your room type.
  6. Pay your deposit.

If you are invited to attend after you complete your application, in order to reserve your space, you will need to make a deposit of 50% of your total fee. The remaining fee of  50%  is due one month before the event date on December 10, 2017.

Total fee includes gourmet meals prepared by your personal chef, exemplary service from your morning coffee to your any time cocktails, transportation to and from the airport in a private car and more surprises...It will be like staying in a world class spa built for eight people. And don't forget you will get tons of great stuff from the Brene Brown's Daring Way and personal coaching, yoga instruction, and training from me. That's what this fee will pay for. EVERYTHING.

Single Room per person……………………………………………………..$2445
Double Room per person……………………………………………………$1975*

*There is only one room with two beds. All the rooms have king beds. If you chose you could stay in any room with a friend.

You can decide right now to make 2018 count because it’s time to

Get Unstuck,
Unlearn self criticism,
Stop procrastinating,
Dream again, and
Get on course for your best year ever!

See you in Cabo!