I am worthy...GULP

Alrighty then...I knew I needed to write something here in AUGUST but because I have abandoned PERFECTION, I didn't get around to it. Perhaps you can relate or perhaps you are feeling very accomplished. Please tell me in the comments below so that I can learn from you.

The real deal is that we are all worthy of love, connection and respect no matter what our ideas of perfection are. I recently spoke about this on FB Live (check me out every Thursday at 4:00 central. I will be there for you...)

Perfection is someone else's idea of what we need to know and how we need to act in order to be worthy of love and belonging.

Authenticity is our idea and as we grow up, it takes courage to discern. That's too bad. Imagine telling this little square peg that she isn't worthy of love and belonging unless she does things like everybody else?

The last couple of weeks I have reflected on "What do I need to say goodbye to?" in order to feel worthy of self-love and self-respect. 

I need to say goodbye to:

  • Wanting everything right now. 
  • Feeling that my fans miss me if I don't post on social media several times a day
  • Taking on more ways to replace the pain in the world with real community initiatives
  • Worrying about money
  • And the list goes on...

 I I looked at the list and found an old worksheet (very rumpled in the bottom of that "things to hang on to basket...hmmmm...) and thought I would ask another question...Gulp:

How do I benefit by "holding on"? 

  • I won't have to change my daily schedule
  • I can alleviate my fear of being ignored because "everyone" likes/loves my posts.
  • I can be at peace thinking this is the only way to help change the world
  • I can spend a lot of time researching ways to make money instead of working on the ways I already am that I think are boring or played out.
  • I can keep focusing on what I want to do instead of what takes COURAGE.

Someone ( a fellow coach) framed this dilemma a bit differently for me. Now that I have this list - and I know there's more here - "Now that I have this list, what do I need to do that will allow me to let go and carry on?"

I say that I am a self-compassion coach and it appears my higher coach is calling. Perhaps it's time to listen.

We all make up our story. I will rewrite mine and tell you about it next time.

Do you have a story you want to let go? It would be great if we could support each other. Talk to you soon.