I just got off the phone with a world shaker, my coach for the next six weeks. How do you know when you are with a World Shaker?

  • She is fearless.  It takes courage to get people to look behind the story they are telling themselves. My story was that no one needed to hear my story. But guess what? I am reminded that our stories are what form us! As human beings we are in the business of sense making and reflecting back before we jump forward. It’s what we do with our coach.
  • She is fun. Laughter is an icebreaker of the highest form. We take things way too seriously. I really know this because I am a Self-Compassion Coach. Sometimes the most compassionate thing we can do for ourselves is to laugh at even the most bleak, complicated and seemingly hopeless situations.
  • She’s smart. There is an art to knowing and asking permission to share. When someone shares before checking in, she is usually armed with assumption. “I am going to tell her this because she probably doesn’t know it.” That ain’t fair. Being smart is to give credit generously for the other person’s life experience and to look for places where yours intersects.

So, thank you, Coach. You shook my world free of fear and confusion. It was fun and I am armed and curious to meet the week ahead!

Good stuff this coaching thing…