A Self-Compassion Exercise

It's the end of the month. Where did the time go? And - Where did the money go? Calm down. Let's be wise. Let's take care of body and mind with breath and kindness.

"Easy for you to say, Kathy," the Gremlin says. "I can do this. I have been here before." Kathy responds. "Well, stupid. Why does your money fear return, then?" Gremlin says. "Gremlin, I don't have fear of money. I am simply human." I say.

Yes, we are human and our real fear lay in the fear of the unknown. What if I don't have enough? Food, heat, gas, clothing, television - well, we don't really need that - or shelter?

My guess is, for most us, that ain't gonna happen. That is, unless there is a true disaster caused by fire, wind or water. chances are we won't lose everything at once. So again, the Gremlin says, "Easy for you to say." Well, actually it is easy for me to say. About twenty-five years ago, I had to give up my home, my business, my savings, and my great credit score. I was forced to learn that losing everything was bad, but just because that happened, it didn't mean I was bad. I had to learn to think differently.

I had to learn to be self-compassionate.


I wasn't a bad person...A bad thing happened to me. That's a BIG difference!

Now, the most important part of that story is that because that happened, and that I still make mistakes (no kidding!), I learned how to help myself and others practice self compassion.

Try it:

Take a breath.
Let go with a long exhale.
Now, repeat to yourself:
May I be safe. 
May I be peaceful. 
May I be kind to myself. 
May I accept myself just as I am

Remember: This is all we really need. Belief in ourselves and our common humanity. Money can't buy it. You need to believe it. Namaste.